I have been dreaming of a dog of my own ever since I was a child. I felt an irresistible attraction for this beautiful breed, and not only for the physical appearance, but also for its magnificent attitude, wonderful character, so powerful and yet so tender. My dream finally came true on my 19th birthday, with the purchase of my first Alaskan Malamute, Carlos. He’s all I could ever ask for, from a dog, and much more.

I truly believe the Malamute is not a dog for any person, but only for those who can appreciate a dog that is strong, yet affectionate, independent, yet dependent of his pack, dignified, yet a true clown, a dog that will not overwhelm you, but will always be there for you. Yes, he may get into trouble, yes, he may ruin your garden, yes, he may blow his coat until your vacuum goes nuts, but he will bring so much joy in your life, he will love you, and make you laugh, and make you proud. To be honest, the only problem I see in living with a Malamute is that… usually you want more than one! Well, that’s how it happened to me too.

Our family was already composed of three members when Sophie arrived: myself, my husband Szilard and Carlos. It wasn’t long until Elsa joined the pack, too. Szilard works as a programmer, while I take care of a small dog daycare and boarding (you can visit our boarding at www.pensiuneacanina.ro).

We also do obedience and conformation training classes for our clients, and offer quality handling services on request. We are members of the Romanian Kennel Club, Hungarian Kennel Club, as well as the Northern Breed Clubs of each of the two countries.

Our goal is similar to that of any responsible breeder: to produce healthy, physically and mentally sound dogs, with working abilities. We believe this is possible only by breeding close to the standard, always keeping in mind that the quality and not the quantity is important. We strive to produce sound, typy dogs, with excellent temperament. All our dogs have eyes and hips clearances, because health is an important aspect of our everyday life, and because we want the best for our dogs and their puppies. We try to make our canine companions as happy as they make us each and every day.
One of the things that we appreciate the most, in this beautiful world of dogs, is the opportunity to meet, (even if sometimes only virtually), so many people around the world!

We appreciate the support of our friends, and are looking forward to making new and wonderful friendships along the way.